Practical advice for writing better SQL queries

Performing bike trick
Performing bike trick
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1. SELECT Fields Instead of Using SELECT *

Advice for writing better Java code

People on a laptop.
People on a laptop.
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1. Use Strings Carefully

Techniques that will keep you one step ahead

A mountain biker flying off a ramp
A mountain biker flying off a ramp
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A Short Guidance to Level-up Your Java Programming Skills

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1. Know Your IDE

You Must Know Before Using Git as Version Control System

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1. Commit Related Changes

A complete roadmap to learn Android

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  1. Open Source Technology
  2. Huge Device Market Share(Approximately 75%)
  3. Easier Entry to Market
  4. Enormous…

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What is Connection Pooling?

The Significance of Data Structures and Algorithms in Tech Recruitments

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The Consequences of Bad Design

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Highlights of the Latest Upgrade of Standard Java

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